An illustration of flowers with social media icons in the centre

The Best Times to Post to Social Media

Social Media marketing offers huge benefits for small businesses with limited budgets. It can take a while to figure out which platforms work best for you and your target audience, and to learn the best times of day to post to different Social Media sites. Effective marketing […]


Get More Traffic To Your Blog: Infographic

Everyone wants to know how to promote their blog and get more readers, especially when they first start out. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can help, but there are plenty of other strategies you can use to get more traffic to your […]


Distraction, Distraction, Distraction

What’s your poison? Is it Facebook, Twitter, celebrity gossip news, incoming email, Skype, text messages? Are you plugged in to such an extent that you can’t focus for more than five minutes without an interruption? Studies show that it can […]

Typewriter Keys

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post

So you’ve spent hours researching your subject and writing your blog post. You hit ‘Publish’. You tweet about it and post a link on Facebook and then you check your stats, only to discover your finely honed copy has failed […]


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100 Best Websites for Writers

Turning salaried-skills into solo income means wearing many hats, and it’s likely that ‘writer’ will be one of them. Whether you’re starting a blog, writing a book, want to become a freelance copywriter or just need a little inspiration to […]


Seven Strategies for Getting Unstuck

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing in your business right now? Is there an area where you’re stuck, spinning your wheels, procrastinating or failing to take action? Running a business isn’t easy – it takes a massive amount of time […]


A colourful cartoon showing rows of people with their heads bent down staring at their smart phone

Are you suffering from ‘Text Neck’?

Our love affair with digital devices might be great for keeping us connected in our business but it’s bad news for our backs. ‘Text Neck’ is caused by prolonged staring at a mobile phone or tablet screen which forces us to […]

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How To Create The Perfect Password

Online password security has come under scrutiny recently since news of the Heartbleed bug was announced. Running your own business means managing numerous online accounts, from Social Media to banking, web hosting to ecommerce and everything in between. Trying to […]

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Productivity Tips for Business

Getting to grips with time management and productivity is essential for small business owners, especially if you have to manage your workload alongside domestic stuff. It’s very different from being an employee, where there are plenty of what Pete Williams […]


Cartoon of man sitting in front of a computer with lots of lightbulb ideas above his head

Is Multitasking Bad For You?

I’m not a fan of multitasking. Splitting your attention across multiple activities while attempting to give them all 100% seems a great way to fry your brain and push your stress levels into the stratosphere. Multitasking involves juggling multiple demands […]


Do you work in your pyjamas?

I’ve noticed a worrying trend since I started running a business from home – a lot of people seem to consider that the pinnacle of wage-slave freedom is the opportunity to work in their pyjamas. Or to give it the euphemistic […]