Fast Friday Business Tips

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Yay, it’s Friday. I hope you’ve had a great week and your business is buzzing. Get ready for our Fast Friday Business Tips – just click on the links below. Learn the Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media, get to grips with LinkedIn, discover great content marketing strategies and go ninja with the nine beliefs of successful people – imagine how your business would benefit if you implemented a few of these!

Five Ways Small Businesses Get Social Media Wrong

by Nellie Akalp

It’s easy to feel pressurised into keeping up with new developments in social media but in the rush to join the party it can be easy to get it wrong. Here are five common mistakes small businesses make – and how to avoid them.

5 Ways Online Businesses Are Succeeding With Social Media

by AJ Kumar

And in contrast, here are five great examples of e-commerce sites who are using social media successfully.

Seven Things You’re Doing Wrong on LinkedIn

by Tom Searcy

While LinkedIn has high levels of professional participation, most users aren’t getting the most out of the social networking site. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.

Three Quick Steps for Turning Content into Conversations about Your Business

by Juan Martinez

Every company, whatever its size, can benefit from a content marketing strategy to build its brand, improve engagement and lead to vital sales.

Nine Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People

by Jeff Haden

Highly successful business people approach their work differently to the majority of us mere mortals. Learn how they think differently – and why it works.



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